The course has been prepared by experienced Buteyko practitioners some of whom also bring the skills, experience and insights of other healing professions. It is their review of the research in the medical and scientific and medical literature.

Rosalba Courtney-Belford, N.D., D.O., Dip.Ac.

Has been practicing and teaching Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Chinese Medicine for over 20 years. She became a Buteyko practitioner in the early days of its introduction outside Russia and since that time has been able to integrate her understanding of other healing modalities to increase the effectiveness and broaden the scope of the basic Buteyko theory and techniques into Eucapnic Breathing.

Leonid Motin, Ph.D.(Physiology)

Dr Motin has worked as a research scientist at Universities in Germany and Australia. His knowledge of physiology enables him to evaluate and present overlooked physiological mechanisms underlying the eucapnic breathing. He has been able to review the majority of Dr. Buteyko writings in Russian and find diverse evidence in contemporary Western medical science confirming different aspects of Buteyko theory.

Practitioners training
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Buteyko Education and Training Centre

The Buteyko Education and Training Centre was established to spread the Buteyko Method and to provide high quality training for health professionals, who would like to apply Buteyko method in their practice and also for those who decided to become Buteyko practitioners.

Training since 1996

The Buteyko Education and Training Centre offers a professional level course in the Buteyko method. This is the first course of its kind prepared by professionals who unite thorough knowledge of the Buteyko method, extensive experience of its application in Western countries for different diseases and sound knowledge of physiology and biochemistry of breathing. The training course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of Buteyko method.

This unique course brings together Buteyko's original ideas with the Holistic, Functional and Osteopathic medicine. It also covers the latest research on the subject in Western science. The course opens new and unexpected fields in treatment of chronic problems. It gives health professionals the skills they need to use breathing as a valuable and potent therapeutic tool for encouraging healing within their patients.

During the course you will learn how breathing affects numerous disease processes. You will also observe a Buteyko workshop, organised to demonstrate practical aspects of Buteyko training and its application to chronic diseases.

On completion of the course the participants receive:

  • Theoretical understanding of physiological basis of breathing as a healing tool.
  • All necessary practical skills required to use the Buteyko method in workshops.
  • Comprehensive reference material including training manual, forms, questionnaires, scientific publications, visual materials etc.
  • Certificate of a Eucapnic Buteyko practitioner (on completion of examination of theoretical knowledge and evaluation of practical skills).
  • Ongoing support, supervision at the end of the course by the teachers and affiliated practitioners.
  • The eligibility to receive advanced certification and teachers training.