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" ...I found this package to be an excellent ongoing help to my progress and would like to thank all concerned, as the Buteyko Method has really made a great change to my life..."

Jocelyn Dunn, NSW

" ...I have a very high regard for the Buteyko method as it has let me lead a normal lifestyle again..."

Geoffrey Houghton, QLD

" ...I personally found the video very well presented and clear in its method..."

F. Novak, Australia

Buteyko video
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Learn Buteyko at home

Until now asthma sufferers needed to have access to the special training courses conducted just in few countries around the world. Now, our video package gives you an opportunity to get training in Buteyko method in the comfort and privacy of your home. Our package is the original presentation of the classical Buteyko method given by professionals.

Brought to you by professionals

This guide to the method resulted from collaboration of professional scientists and the most experienced Buteyko practitioners, qualified personally by the founder, Dr.Buteyko. Professionally produced 65 min video provides a comprehensive outline of physiological background of the Buteyko method, and explains and demonstrates all of the practical elements of the method. Using the video anyone can test their breathing with the extended Buteyko test. The video guides you step-by-step through a complete set of Buteyko exercises. Simple but precise narration makes the method easy to understand for any audience, including children.

Clinically tested

Our video was used in a double blind clinical trial of the Buteyko Breathing method in Monash University. The study demonstrated:

"a significant improvement in quality of life among those assigned to the Buteyko Breathing Technique compared with placebo, as well as a significant reduction in inhaled bronchodilator intake."
It was concluded that
"the Buteyko Breathing Technique may be effective in improving the quality of life and reducing the intake of inhaled reliever medication in patients with asthma."
Results of the trial are published in
"A clinical trial of the Buteyko Breathing Technique in asthma as taught by a video." by Opat AJ, Cohen MM, Bailey MJ, Abramson MJ. Journal of asthma. 2000; 37(7):557-64.

Video + manual

The accompanying illustrated manual is a valuable source of information on Buteyko techniques. All definitions and instructions of the manual are based on the immense experience of Buteyko practitioners who trained thousands of asthmatics and people with other chronic diseases. Here you will find how to overcome and prevent symptoms of the disease using simple breathing techniques and recommendations on how to achieve progress with Buteyko method and improve your quality of life. The manual also contains notes for children and those who suffers from emphysema. The "Frequently asked questions" section of the manual covers questions concerning the practical application of the method, general medications and asthma management.


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